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Welcome to our short term rental services! We offer an excellent opportunity for homeowners to make the most of their second homes or vacation properties by renting them out to holiday guests on a profitable and sustainable basis. Our comprehensive range of services includes designing and optimizing the accommodation listing, managing bookings and calendars, dynamic pricing, review management, organizing cleaning and laundry services, providing guest communication and check-in, and coordinating payments with detailed accounting. With our reliable and professional short term rental services, you can rest assured that your property will be in good hands and generate substantial revenue. Don't let your second home or vacation property go to waste - choose our short term rental services and start earning today!

Marketing on multiple booking channels

Cleaning service after each check-out

Synchronization of booking calendars across channels

Repair and maintenance coordination

Digital guest check-in, guest verification & notification

Booking & revenue management

24/7 guest communication

Bed linen and towel service

Dynamic price and occupancy optimization

Review management

Owner portal

Owner-occupation possible

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